Curriculum Vitae


Institute level responsibilities



GitHub Certified Campus Advisor

Technical Skills

Python, Julia, LAMP Stack, WordPress

Academic Alliance

Workshop Presentations

Presented workshops on Python, Julia, Perl and Web Programming

Conference Presentations

Talk Presentations

SciPy India 2018, Scipy India 2017, JuliaCon 2018, JuliaCon 2020, PyCon France 2019, PyCon Taiwan, PyCon Hong Kong, PyCon Africa, PyCon Korea, PyCon Australia, COSCUP Taiwan, PyOhio, EuroPython, BuzzConf Argentina, PiterPy Russia, GirlScript India Summit, PyCon ES 2020, HoneyCon 2020, PyCon ID 2020, Python Web Universe Global Summit 2020, PyData Global 2020

Poster Presentations

CMU AIDR 2020 USA, SciPy USA 2020, SciPy USA 2019, ACM IRISS 2020, 2019 and 2016, JuliaCon 2020, SMILES 2020 Russia, JupyterCon 2020

Program Committee Member/Reviewer


JuliaCon 2018 and 2020, SciPy 2019 and 2020, JupyterCon 2020, PyCon France 2019


Chapter Lead / Organizer

Volunteer Experience